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          It is a vital part of community life, and the incomes of the inhabitants of certain areas depend on tourism. Over time, magical moments of the trip are forgotten, but every time the purchased souvenirs will recall those memories. The purchased pieces become advertisers of the visited places.

hungary polo.png

In the spirit of these thoughts, we offer:

  • Embroidery and printing of clothing, T-shirts, hats, and accessories with modern technology

  • Manufacture of refrigerator magnets, keychains, custom badges (both large and small quantities)

  • Design and production of customized boxes (package for organic, home-made products)

  • Embroidering, printing, and personalizing shopping bags

  • Canvas image production (portraits, landscapes, pets, etc.)

  • Design and production of museum souvenirs

  • Poster printing

Canvas Tote Bag MockUp.png
  • Creation and production of leaflets and advertising materials

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  • Manufacture of ceramic souvenirs

  • Labeled glasses and jars

  • Labeled pens, pencils, notebooks

  • Graphical services

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