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Perfect washability of products

      Sublimation is a classic technique by which paint penetrates the pores of a material. Therefore, printing is smooth, durable, and allows safe use even in the dishwasher. This technology allows flexible production even from a single piece.

   A company has plenty of ways to capitalize on its brand, including display ads and promotional products.

Process description:

1. Graphics are mirrored on a special paper (transfer paper)

2. After drying, the ink is transfer with the help of presses or calenders to the surface (temperature of 200C, high pressure, approx. 2-3 minutes).


  • the print is resistant to weather and mechanical actions

  • the ink "does not feel" on the surface (the ink enters the substrate, it will not remain on the surface of the object)

  • the ability to print any graphic, regardless of complexity

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