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          Schools are a vital part of people's lives. The time spent on school uniforms is quite long, so they must be representative. We can print and embroider uniforms and various textiles for school events (eg. t-shirts for school teams). Personalized items designed to contribute to internal school communication can be ordered from us.

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  • Backpack embroidery

  • Production of canvas paintings

  • Poster printing

  • Design and production of advertising leaflets


In the spirit of these thoughts, we offer:

  • Embroidery and labeling of school uniforms, T-shirts of scientific and sports teams

  • Personalization of caps with school logos

  • Personalization of bags, pens, notebooks, diaries, and lunch boxes

  • Map printing

  • Design and production of boxes

  • Manufacture of ceramic souvenirs for the graduation ceremony

  • Diploma printing for diferent ocasions

  • Embroidery of tunics for the graduation ceremony

  • Personalization of school supplies (pens, pencils, notebooks)

  • Graphical services

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