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UV nyomtatás

Print on any solid object

         The flexibility of UV prints is exceptional. The uniqueness of the technology is that it can be printed on any solid object in photo quality because the ink blown on the product solidifies under the influence of UV light. It does not evaporate the solvent from UV ink, so it is not harmful to health. The print does not fade due to sunlight and is weather resistant. Prints are durable, slightly convex, depending on the ink layer. Thus, souvenirs can be printed directly whether they are made of wood, glass, leather, or plastic.

kis uv lef 300.jpg

The main features of UV printing:

·     extraordinary print quality and reliability

·     direct printing

·     white ink and clear varnish

·     there is no product/order limit (even one object can be printed)

·     short time to complete the work

·     the very good resolution of the printer allows you to print images at incredible quality

  • The Roland Versa is one of the best quality UV printers with 4 heads and 2 UV lamps. The maximum printing surface is 77 * 33 * 10 centimeters.

  • Great for making promotional products and custom orders.

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