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Sewing shops, shoe manufacturers

   In the manufacture of uniforms, workwear, fashionable clothing, or even footwear, it is a common request to exclude products by embroidering or labeling with the company logo or a message. We help you with the latest technology that can be used for manufacturing in small series or large series. The great advantage of our embroidery machines is the ability to embroider even pockets. These embroidery machines are an excellent solution for shoe manufacturers.

  • Baseball caps embroidering

  • Making models created by customers

We especially recommend the following services:

  • Embroidery and labeling of products, textiles and accessories

  • Stitched emblems and patches

  • High-quality direct printing on textiles, leather, and other materials  with complex models 

  • Sustainable labeling with screening and transfer

  • Graphic services

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