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Elegance and durability

          Embroidery is a durable and aesthetic form of decoration. This art has progressed from manual to computerized. For StoryPrint, embroidery means quality in every stitch. We guarantee that the performance and beauty of our computerized embroidery will compete with hand-sewn embroidery!

  • Quality embroidery depends on 3 factors: the technology used to make the embroidery, the thread used to make the embroidery, and the degree of qualification of the staff who make the embroidery. At Story Print, these three facts are present at the highest level. With our modern technology, we can work in unique shades, up to 16 colors at the same time. The embroideries are made on almost any textile material, with simple or 3D technology.

  • Personalization through embroidery gives a refined image, an exclusive and elegant character to the items on which it is made. The imaginative collections bring a new and attractive breath toward today's fashion. The Story Print team personalizes t-shirts, blouses, jackets, and any type of items, or clothing accessories, including patches.

  • Details full of elegance and refinement, whether it is bedding, curtains, towels, bathrobes, work equipment, napkins, or plate holders embroidered with the company logo will promote the business!

  • Our Melco embroidery machines are automatic and can embroider 16 colors simultaneously. They have an automatic thread feeder and a thread tension measuring function. They are characterized by precision, speed 1,200 stitches/minute, and skill because even the most complicated models are not a problem, but on the contrary, because under the supervision of talented staff these devices produce true masterpieces.

  • Do not forget! at Story Print you come up with the idea, and we put your whole concept into practice!

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