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Companies, organizations

       The objects and clothing of employees personalized with the company's logo, message, and products are a permanent newsletter. Their effect on the organization is to consolidate them like a community and is also a great source of communication with partners who visit the company.

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We especially recommend the following services:

  • Embroidery, labeling of uniforms and accessories

  • Making and installing identification plates and information signs

  • Preparation and placement of office decorations (posters, canvas pictures, clock, corporate messages).

  • Personalized pen, neck strap, keychain, mug

  • Individual storage boxes manufactured with 3D printing

  •  Labeled business cards, and business cardholders

  • Personalized agendas and bags

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  • Design and manufacture of mouse pads, custom armrests

  • The most diverse souvenirs with sublimation, UV printing, etc.

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