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Events (to the attention of event organizers and not only !)

         Events are a great opportunity for advertising. The high number of participants requires increased attention, so the signs and guidance boards make the work of the organizers easier, but at the same time contribute to the comfort of the participants. So, they must be of good quality. Certainly, the originality will catch the eye of the "guests" who will remember the event with pleasure. And if in the end, they receive some souvenirs with the logo, success is guaranteed, the event organizer managed to establish a "friendship" with them.


We especially recommend the following services:

  • Business cards creation

  • Design and manufacture of leaflets and various advertising objects

  • Design and manufacture, of individual boxes for different occasions (eg. boxes for home-made items, organic products)

  • Graphical services

  • Design, manufacture and installation of posters and rollups for events

  • Manufacture of information signs

  • Labeling and embroidery of uniforms, caps, and accessories

  • Manufacture of souvenirs (pens, keychains, glasses, gift bags)

  • Design and production of badges, banners

  • 3D product printing with a 3D printer (unique storage objects)

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