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             Textile objects and products labeled with the company logo are particularly important in the marketing process. They can create a unified image, enhance the professional look and strengthen the feeling of belonging to the company. In addition, souvenirs can be used to increase the company's popularity and brand loyalty.


Which of our services would be useful for you?

  • T-shirts, caps, accessories, personalization by embroidery or printing

  • Manufacture of refrigerator magnets, keychains, custom badges

  • Design and manufacture of custom boxes (for organic, home-made products)

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  • Labeling of shopping bags (including organic)

  • Canvas image production

  • Poster printing

  • Design and production of advertising materials

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  • Personalization of ceramic souvenirs

  • Personalization of glasses and mugs

  • Personalization of pens, pencils, agendas

  • Graphical services

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