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Screen printing

When quantity is followed by quality

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  • Screen printing is an efficient and cost-effective solution for all those who want to print large numbers on textiles. And also the most reliable and affordable way to create your custom clothing. The sample is applied to the material color by color, resulting in a very durable print, which can mean a breakdown of up to 4 colors. Printing is quick, and with a wide range of inks, you can print on almost any type of material, be it a t-shirt, bag, windbreaker, or paper. This type of print has good washing and abrasion resistance.

  • Why choose screen printing? High accuracy, fast response, and last but not least more COLORS! Are you ready to have your t-shirt reflect and highlight your style? A team of experts is ready to make this happen every time a custom pattern is printed on the ordered t-shirt.

  • Working with Story Print means you can make the most of your creativity and indulge your inner artist. Our designers satisfy the thirst for art by creating t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, shirts, and custom uniforms, whether it is your company logo, for a personal project, or simply to materialize bold ideas. Story Print is the only place you'll find the design resources you need with real people excited to back you up every step of the way.

  • Our team examines each order and each project for sizing, contrast, and layering issues, and if the loaded design doesn't look exactly the way you want, we can enhance and recreate it to ensure a perfect print.

  • M&R Chameleon is the flagship product of one of the world's market leaders in the manual carousel category.

Direct printing on textiles and leather

When you only need a few pieces

  • With this printing technic, any pattern, photo, or graphic can be printed on textiles or leather. This procedure is cost-effective for smaller orders with many colors or complex graphics. There are no setup, mold-making costs, or color breakdowns. Prices are not determined by the number of colors, only by the size of the printing surface.

kornit breeze.jpg
  • Kornit Breeze is a professional textile printer with 6-head. With the wet-on-wet technology, he can print on almost any material, except water-repellent fabric.

  • Another advantage is that you can place an order with a larger number of items in a relatively short time. In terms of paint usage, the number of pieces above fifty is optimal. The resulted print is durable, almost flush with the material, its no "sticker" effect.

  • The Brother GTX is one of the fastest printers on the market. The 8 nozzles allow precise, fast work. Speed is three times higher compared to the previous generation. And its vibrant colors bring the printed image to life. The textile dye gets directly into the material, which makes the finished product durable. Due to the interchangeable tables, you can print in various places, such as t-shirt sleeves, trouser legs, etc.

  • Fascinated by the art of digital drawing and innovative textile beautification techniques, we wanted this printer to be part of our arsenal to overcome the monotony.

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