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         It is important that the representatives of the associations have a uniform appearance, especially if they are present at events as organizers. The embroidered, labeled clothing enhances the prestige of the association and distinguishes it from other organizations. Pens, personalized diaries denote professionalism and respect for the employing institution.

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  • Labeling, printing, and embroidery of reusable shopping bags

  • Production of canvas paintings

  • Poster printing

  • Design and preparation of advertising leaflets

In the spirit of these thoughts, we offer:

  • Embroidered, printed, or labeled accessories

  • Personalized refrigerator magnets, keychains, and badges

  • Design and production of custom boxes (eg. for organic and home-made products)

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  • Manufacture and personalization of ceramic souvenirs

  • Personalization of glasses and mugs

  • Inscription of pens, diaries, and pencils

  • Graphical services

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