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3D printing in the service of people

In the early 1980s, Charles Hull invented 3D printing, which, unlike traditional printers, evolved rapidly, allowing mass customization of goods. At first, it was used in industry and later started to serve medicine. It has slowly become an indispensable ally for an area as important as health, where it facilitates several specific interventions, including the design of implants. Widely investigated in the food sector, countless benefits have been identified such as personalized nutrition, simplification of the supply chain, and expansion of available food. To achieve accurate printing, three main aspects must be taken into consideration: the properties of the materials, the process parameters, and the post-processing methods. As 3D printing continues to become more sophisticated, it will certainly have an increasing influence on people's future. And if you also want to have a 3D printed object, request an offer from us:

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