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Colors - your trusted friends!

The colors give vitality and inspire. Since ancient times, the Chinese and Indians have used the healing power of colors through various rituals. Among those who practiced the study of colors we can mention Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the German poet who studied colors for twenty years (1790-1810) and finally managed to publish a book entitled "Theory of Colors". Nowadays people are skeptical about the beneficial effects of colors or chromotherapy if we use specific terminology.

Color therapy (Chromotherapy)

Chromotherapy is an alternative healing therapy, considered by some to be pseudoscience. Therapists who claim to be able to practice this type of therapy, define the process as follows: "the use of color to balance the lack of energy in a person's body, whether physical, emotional, spiritual or mental."

Significance of colors in chromotherapy:

Red - due to this color the blocked energies are activated and stimulated (should be used sparingly in the case of angry and hypersensitive people)

Orange - stimulates positive feelings, improves immunity, and strengthen the lungs

Yellow - stimulates interest and curiosity, strengthens muscles, and brings clarity of thought

Green - balances physically and mentally, disciplines, and is recommended in stress management

Blue - facilitates holistic thinking, improves communication, is ideal for sleep disorder

Violet - promotes inspiration and creativity, purifies thoughts, and influences appetite

This alternative therapy is not supported by experimental research, therefore are several debates on this topic. For example, the American Cancer Society expressed the view that "the available scientific evidence does not support the claim that the use of light or color therapy is effective in treating cancer or other diseases." And the so-called positive results of the therapy are attributed to the placebo effect.

Grey color

According to the classification of psychologists, colors can be divided into two categories: warm colors (for example: red and yellow) and cold colors (for example: blue and green). Gray is often referred to as a neutral color, intermediate between white and black. The first recorded use of grey as a color in English dates back to 700 AD. Based on the countless surveys conducted in Europe and North America, we can say that the population of these two Continents associates grey with neutrality, conformity, uncertainty, old age, and indifference. But for interior designers, gray means something else. Used both in residential projects (houses, apartments) or commercial (offices, restaurants, gyms) gray is synonymous with strength, sobriety, balance. Adaptable and flexible, this color harmonizes very well with the rest of the colors but also with materials (oak, walnut, marble, natural stone, and travertine).

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